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By Michele Robertson Marc Borde is a singer/songwriter hailing from the Texas coast and northern California, who now resides in Artesia, New Mexico. Borde just released a new song and video “Hot Desert Sand.” He brings a mix of folk and reggae to the music world and has been performing solo and with a band for over 20 years. “Hot Desert Sand” was filmed around Artesia, White Sands, Sitting Bull Falls, and the Caverns. “I moved here during COVID and it was lonely, and hot. All I had was my guitar, because I didn’t know anyone. Kind of a strange time to move to a small town in the desert... It was also my first time living away from a large body of water, so I missed the beach and the waves. I grew up on the coast in Texas and later moved to the California coast. That being said, the desert is beautiful, so I wanted to write a beautiful poetic song about it,” shares Borde. Borde’s dad taught him to play guitar at a young age, and while in college he started writing songs and playing in a band. His band That Captain had plans to go on tour on his sailboat. A surfing accident left Borde out of commission with a broken leg that kept him from traveling on that tour. Then Covid hit and put everyone out of commission. Borde’s job as an engineer is what brought him to New Mexico. “Hot Desert Sand” premiered on November 13th, and has had over 3,100 views so far. “The song is about loneliness and starting fresh in a new place with just self and a guitar and nature, which tends to be unforgiving in the desert. The video is meant to show the beauty of the desert and solitude,” he said. This was his first time moving somewhere not knowing anyone. “There was this weird feeling of solitude and isolation,” remarked Borde. When choosing the locations for filming hisvideo, Borde said “I wanted it to seem like I was the only person around for miles... which in some of the locations I was (with the exception of the camera woman). I was looking for “untouched desert” which there’s actually quite a lot of out here.” “For the most part, I just went to places I’d already been to. It was my first time to White Sands, though. I had seen pictures online and thought it would be a good fit,” shared Borde. He enjoys getting out and about in Eddy County and discovering places togo around New Mexico. This exploration is what led him to the locations he chose to film. “One of the places from the video is my favorite place to shoot guns. I love mountain biking the trails in Carlsbad, and I like hiking around Cloudcroft.... New Mexico really has so much to offer, and I haven’t even been here through a winter yet (I love snowboarding),” he added.Borde also shared that he feels that the geography of a place influences an artist’s song writing. Since moving to Artesia, Borde said his music has “taken on an older folk style, with more finger pickin’. It seemed to fit my mood and the vibe.” Borde is working on another song titled, “Healing”, and after a conversation about exploring the outdoors with Borde, this writer is hoping his “Mile Marker 40” is next on the agenda. “The desert is beautiful for writing songs, it has space to be creative,” Borde said. “It really is a sweet place to be,” he adds. Visit www.sailboattour.comfor more information. You can contact Borde at marc@sailboattour.comfor future bookings, and be sure to check out his new video at

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