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Inspring Young Scientist

Inspiring Young Scientists By Valeria Quezada Inspired by Science Camp is a STEM related program that was established in 2013 and has been held for eight consecutive years. This year, students ages 7-12 will have the opportunity to take part in the virtual STEM camp on July 12-15, 2021. They will learn to be challenged, have fun, and learn key science concepts. Each student receives a camp kit with almost everything needed to follow along with the activities at the time of registration .As a result of the pandemic, the program was held virtually in 2020 and will be this year. In 2020 participation expanded from 100 students to more than 400 students. In addition to students in the Carlsbad area, last year’s camp was attended by students throughout Southeast New Mexico, and a few other states such as Texas and Washington. “It’s hard to say what registration will be like this year. We are making our way out of the pandemic and the state is more open this summer in comparison to last year,” said Inspired by Science President and Camp Director Deena Antiporda. Through the coronavirus pandemic, Inspired by Science continues with the main goal of making sure every child has access to STEM education. This year’s camp is similar to the Summer ’20 Camp. Two videos per day will be released for viewing the week of camp and the campers will be able to follow along using their camp kits. Students are eligible to win prizesat the end of camp but increase their chances by submitting photos and comments onto the Inspired by Science website. This program allows students to learn basic concepts related to motion, energy, chemical reactions, etc. As well as utilize their problem solving and critical thinking to complete STEM challenges.

“One of my favorite things about Inspired by Science is that I get to see the look on kids’ faces when something clicks in their minds. I call it the “WOW!” moment. It’s also the moment when a spark of excitement is created and thingssuddenly make a lot more sense,” Antiporda said. This program helps kids develop and grow their interest in STEM-related fields. Antiporda has seen how the kids suddenly understand the world around them a little better after completing a STEM activity. Children who have repeated the program over the years grow more observant and enthusiastic. In past virtual camps, students have participated invarious STEM challenges and made bubbling lava lamps, hoop gliders, slime, and catapults. Forthe Summer ‘21 Camp will participate ina couple of STEM challenges, makeballoon racers, and some other energetic and colorful activities. Antiporda said, “We even have a special Family Activity that I think everyone will love. It’s definitely one of my favorites!”Thanks to sponsorship by Devon Energy, Nuclear Waste Partnership, and other donors to Inspired by Science, the cost of registration, which will be online June 14-30, is only $15 perperson. In an additional effort to keep the camp affordable for all kids and families, Early BirdRegistration of $10 per personwill also be available prior to June 19, 2021. Due to the availability of the camp kits, the number of participants is limited.This program gives the youth of the community a unique opportunity to be part of a camp, even if it is not in person. Studentsstill get to do hands-on activities but in the comfort of their own home or anywhere that internet is accessible. Since the pandemic,students have not had many opportunities to do hands-on education, this program helps fill that void. Inspired by Sciencecontinues to inspire the future STEM scientists of our community on a bright path, and they are already looking forward to an in-person camp next year.

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