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Giving Hearts Provide

Giving Hearts Provide ChristmasJoytoKentuckyBy Misty CryerThe community of Mayfield, Kentucky,experiencedmajordestructionin early December. In addition to facingthe sense of hopelessness that comes to a community from loss of infrastructure, businesses, homes, and personal belongings, residentsare dealing with griefin the loss of loved ones. Despite the snow-ridden roads and high-speedwinds, aformer Carlsbad local and his family weredetermined to bring Christmas cheer to the folks of Mayfieldduring this season of giving. Mayfield is a smalltown and is the county seat ofGraves County, one of the largest counties in southwest Kentucky. The county has been prosperous inagriculture andindustrial endeavors. In addition,the area has been well knownforart, preserved history and opportunities for outdoor activities, all ofwhich lend tothe appeal of tourism. The damage to the town of Mayfieldand the surrounding areawas due to the tornado events of December10th.TheNational Weather Service reported that thetornado that traveled through Mayfieldwasextreme, over a mile in widthwithestimated peak windsof 190 miles per hour. The aftermath of the storm wasdevastating resulting in multiple fatalities and wide-spread destruction ofboth public and private property, including landand structures.Jayson Giesler, a former Carlsbad resident, set a missionin motionto help the peopleof Mayfield who thistragic stormaffected.His wife of 24 years, Emily,relays that over lunch Jaysonsaid, “I want to fill the van to the top for the kids in Kentucky.”The next day,they launched a drive to collect donations to bring Jayson’s concept to reality. The tornado events affected several communities in multiple states.Emily stated, “Mayfield was just hit the hardest.” Emily sharedthatin less than a week, they received aroundfifty-thousand dollars’ worth of donations. The Ram ProMaster high-topcargo vanwas filled to the topwith goodies. Four days before Christmas, Jayson and his son began the twenty-three and half hour trip from Idaho Falls, Idaho to Mayfield, Kentuckyto personally deliver the donations tothe community in need. Jayson Geisler is the son of Valerie Murrill, a local businessperson. Jayson attended Carlsbad High School.Shortly after high school, he joined the United States Army and was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolinawhere he met his wife Emily, who was also in service.In reference to her son and daughter-in-law, Valerie shared, “They always try to do the right thing, and that’s the way they raised their kids.” Jayson and Emily have two children, Jaycoband Sydni. Jaycob followed in his parents’footsteps and is currently serving in the Army. Sydni isexpected to graduate from a New Hampshire college next spring.Valerie tearfully said, “I’m very proud of them, of all of them.” Earlier this year, after twenty-four years of service, Jayson officially retired from the Army. He recently started a businessin Idaho Falls, Top Duct Cleaning, LLC,which specializes in

inspecting, cleaning and sanitizingHVACductwork. His company van was cleared out and used to gather and deliver the generous donations collected to bring a sense of Christmasfrom Idaho to Kentucky. For information about helping with the relief and rebuilding efforts for the Kentucky communities affected by the tornado events, visit are some fun number facts....100+ Blankets$6280 in cash207 Boardgames 250+ Tubes of Toothpaste341 Toothbrushes 500+ Toy Cars53 Pairs of Shoes91 Pacifiers3,580 Babywipes15 First Aid Kits100+ Etch-a-Sketches1,000 Glowsticks 8 Skateboards1 Bicycle450+ Barbies & Dolls300 Bungee Cords22 Extension Cords4 Large Toolkits25 Hammers40 Ratchet Straps25 Pairs of Work Gloves15 Tarps688 Diapers39 Pillows48 Pillowcases24,000 Antibacterial Wipes100+ RubixCubes 12 Mr. Potato Heads131 Tubs of PlayDoh14 SquishMellows 131 Sticks of Deodorant 700+ Tubesof ChapstickHundreds of kids clothesHundreds of random toys

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