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Eddy County Commission Meeting (Notes)

Eddy County Commission Meeting

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 - 8:30a.m.

In Attendance

Vice Chairman Steven McCutcheon

County Manager Allen Davis

County Clerk Robin VanNatta


Commissioners: Chairman Ernie Carlson, Susan Crockett, Larry Wood, Jon Henry

Legal Representation: Cass Tabor

Live Stream:

Red Rocket: Stephanie Ybaben

No public comments

Service Awards were announced over the phone:

Rhonda Hatch, Assessor’s Office - 15 Years

Judy Jensen, Clerk’s Office - 15 Years

Kathy Walters, Public Works, Artesia - 10 Years

Anthony Ponce, Detention - 10 Years

Bid Awards:

RFP 20-02 Annual Audit Services - Roberta Smith - Approved by all commissioners.

RFP 20-03 Oil and Gas Personal Property Audit - Roberta Smith

Commissioner Henry asked to table the vote and would like further clarification from the Taxation and Revenue Department whether we have the authority to do so asking what has made this our responsibility, quoting a letter from T&R on December 1, 2017 that it is solely the T&R’s responsibility and no one else.

To hear more of the discussion you may listen to stream on the Eddy County Facebook page.

A motion was made by Commissioner Henry to table the vote and a second was made by

Commissioner McCutcheon.

Commissioner Wood - no

Commissioner Crocket - no

Chairman Carlson - yes

Commissioner McCutcheon - yes

Commissioner Henry - yes

Trailing Agenda

1-17 Approved by all commissioners.

18. Budget Adjustment for Twin Wells Chip Seal - Jason Burns

Commissioner McCutcheon abstains, all other commissioners approved.

19-21 Approved by all commissioners.

Department Updates

Eddy County Emergency Department-received PPE and it is being distributed as needed.

A Covid-19 test is available, but limited.

Check their Facebook page for regular updates.

Specific location of cases are not currently available.

County Managers comments:

He would like to thank the officials and department heads for reviewing their budgets and working toward a budget proposal to be presented at the County meeting in May. He also thanks them for their professionalism during this difficult time.

Commissioner Comments:

Commissioner Crocket: Thank you to the County Manager and the county employees.

Commissioner McCutcheon: Thank you to the county employees.

Commissioner Wood: Praying for things to return to normal.

Commissioner Henry: Thank you to Representative Townsend and Sheriff Mark Cage for their quick action when a business was closed over the weekend in Artesia and working to get it back open.

Commissioner Carlson: Thank you to commissioners and to county employees. Keep our faith in God and move forward.

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Commissioner Wood, seconded by Commissioner McCutcheon, approved by all commissioners.

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