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Claenup Wrapup

Carlsbad and Eddy County have some pretty amazing people in residence. For three weekends in a row, a clean-up event has occurred in Eddy County. The first happened Saturday September 26th at 6-mile dam. This event was hosted by Keep Carlsbad Beautiful in recognition of the Bureau of Land Management’s National Public Lands Day. Queen up the Guads took place on Saturday October 3rd and was a collaboration between the Lincoln National Forest, Eddy County, Keep Carlsbad Beautiful, and Campfire Industries. The third was Riverblitz 2020: Round 2 held on Saturday October 10th. Between the three events, over 450 people volunteered putting in close to 2,000 volunteer hours and collecting several tons of trash. Some individuals were able to make it out to all three clean-ups. “My family and I participated in all of the clean-ups, because it’s something we enjoy doing. We love to dedicate time outside and love to see how much of a difference it makes. We enjoy the outdoors and seeing litter everywhere takes away from the beautiful areas we have here in Carlsbad. I’m glad we have so many people within our community putting these events together and also dedicating their time,” shared volunteer Queta Doporto.Kathleen Davis, executive director for the Pearl of thePecos Art and Culture District also made it to all three clean-ups, and shares her experience. “There has been so much work done with the community efforts to keep Carlsbad beautiful in recent years, and especially in recent months. Due to travel restrictions we are experiencing our community in different ways, people are getting outside more and looking for ways to give back, and what better way than local clean ups! It is nice when you see familiar faces at these events but it is even better when you seenew people show up that may not have partook in any previous clean ups but are there now and are ready to get involved,” she said.“The highlight moment of the clean-up for me was through the collaboration of all the groups and people involved we were able to get equipment up to the Queen Up event to retrieve some larger trash items that had been plaguing the forest and visitors for years. To see the look on people's faces when I showed them what we were able to accomplish by thinking outside of the regular "box" was definitely the standout moment for me,” said Davis. “I was pleased to have some of my peers join in our clean-up efforts. They told me they wouldn't have known about these clean ups, let alone gone to them if it had not been for my involvement. Being able to inspire new people to get out and care for our recreational areas in our community was a great feeling and I hope that it changes the way they view our trash

problem and they can also offer that extension to inspire more people to get involved,” shared Davis.“Volunteering to me has always been about the more you give of yourself, the more you gain double back. There is nothing more satisfying to me to give of myself to others without expecting anything in return. When it comes to volunteering for community cleanups there is a sense of pride when you stop at the end of the day and look around to see all that you have accomplished, while you know it won't stay like that forever, you can still savour the beauty in that moment,” Davis said. It is up to us to keep our outdoor spaces clean and beautiful, so as you are out and about in Eddy County, if you see large amounts of trash or big items please take the time to report it by calling the Eddy County Code Enforcement Dept at 575-887-9511 ext. 2161 or ext. 2162. Citizens can also file an anonymous trash complaint online at

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