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All Star DMV

By Michele RobertsonWhen you think of going to the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD), dread and dismay usually play into the desire to go take care of business. State run MVD offices are typically understaffed and busy, leading many people with the need to take off an entire morning or afternoon from work. All Star DMV can help with just about all your MVD needs, and owners believe those full days can be a thing of the past. Marti Lynn King, owner and operator of All Star DMV and her staff have been serving Carlsbad since June of 2018. They have recently moved locations and are nowlocated at 401 N. Canyon St (the corner of Canyon and McKay St). They are open Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and will begin to offer once a month Saturday service in the near future.“We are a partner office to the state Motor Vehicle Division (we are a private office not funded by the state) but we are able to process transactions like the state. At this time,we just process vehicle transactions such as title transfers, registrations, registration renewal, duplicate titles, vin inspections, license plate replacements, etc. We offer offsite vin inspections (something the state does not) which makes it nice for companies and RV owners. We also offer a drop off service for businesses, companies or individuals with a large number of transactions needing to be processed” sharedKing.Offsite vin inspections are a major perk of using All Star DMV. If your company has a large fleet needing inspection, All Star will come to you which will save you time and money. The most used services are registration renewals, title transfers and vin inspections. Currently, the only service All Star DMV is not able to provide is driving services. “We do not process driver license or ID's at this time but are waiting for the software to be available from the state. We hope that once the software is up in all state locations,we will have that available to us. It is a waiting game at this point,but we are hopeful that we will be able to do drivers licenses and ID's starting sometime this year,” said King. Wait times can be less than the average lunch break, depending on the services you require. “We try to keep the wait time to 30 minutes or less but no more than an hour when possible... however sometimes the wait time can run longer,” King said. “Mondays and Fridays are typically the busiest days and late afternoons are the busiest time otherwise,” relayedKing. Knowing the typical busy times can help you avoid a long wait. Being an independent contractor with the state means that All Star DMV can perform services on behalf of the state, but they still have to pay the state for every transaction. Which is where the $23 service fee comes in, less than most other independentcontractors. It is an asset to the state to have independent DMV contractors.“Independent DMV contractors have been on the rise the last several years, since they have allowed dealerships to start processing a lot of their own transactions. They realized it takes a lot of stress off the state offices. You find the vast majority of private, open to the public offices in Albuquerque, Farmington and Las Cruces. However, they are popping up in small towns across New Mexico. I myself have plans for expansion and have already decided on the next city I intend to open a new office. But I’ll be keeping that a secret for now,” shared King. All Star DMV has a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and the new location has a comfortable waiting area with a contemporary look and feel. Be sure to stop by and save yourself some time with your future DMV needs. Located at 401 N Canyon Carlsbad NM 88220, phone number is 575-725-5150. You can also find them on Facebook. Editors Note: Marti Lynn King is a co-owner of the Carlsbad Local News.

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