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By Sharon McIntireCurtain!Yes, once again, after a long, depressing 17 months of COVID-induced silence, the Carlsbad Community Theatre is finally reopening its curtains.At a time when we all needed a relief from the storm, the CCT was restricted to silence. Audiences weren’t the only ones who suffered. Without the revenue from faithful ticket holders, the theatre hunkered down, gratefully accepting grant money from the Carlsbad Foundation to pay its bills.But the rainbow has arrived to brighten our future. Dispersing the wisps of gloom and despair, Carlsbad’s haven for retreat from the storm will reopen August 6 with the fun, farcical musical The Fantasticks.Anyone who has ever been in a play knows that acting is an addiction, so when it was announced that The Fantasticks was to open on August 27, it didn’t take long to enlist a cast of veterans. Director Carolyn Olson is proud to announce that Casey Cadbury, Tessa Folks, Terry Busby, Dave Kump, Reagan Van Soest, Paul Loftis, and David Miller all jumped at the chance to once more create a bit of magic for a world that was sorely in need of that bit of whimsy. “All of these actors are well-seasoned,” she says, “they’ve been in most of our musicals. I want to say professional, but they don’t get paid.”The world’s longest running musical, The Fantasticks opened in 1960. The slightly farcical production highlights two neighboring father who trick their children, Luisa and Matt, into falling in love by pretending to feud.“It’s supposed to look like we’re putting on a play within a play,” Tessa says, “so the setting is minimalistic, the actors are on the stage the whole time, and we interact with the audience a lot.”In anticipation of that emotional opening, the CCT is holding its annual Merienda on August5 to welcome back its faithful followers and to entice others looking for a refuge from the storm to become a part of the CCT family. Board members encourage the public to attend the fiesta as they provide a wide variety of finger foods, the annual production schedule, and a report on the current state of the theatre. A tantalizing preview of the upcoming production will undoubtedly encourage you to bring a friend to enjoy our local talent. And, since this is a COVID-inspired “reopening,” the board offers the additional promise of extra pomp and circumstance.An additional enticement for theatre loyalists is that the CCT is enjoying a facelift. Those new to Carlsbad may not realize that the Carlsbad Community Theatre was built and utilized during World War II as a military commissary. While maintaining a committed reverence for our allied forces, the CCT board of directors recognizes that most people don’t attend a theatrical production expecting to be reminded of the brave men and women who devoted their lives for our freedom.With respect for the building’s heritage, the board has begun renovations on its lobby. Visitors who attend the first production of The Fantasticks will not only enjoy a delightful twist on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, but they will also be treated to an expanded lobby where they will have more room to mingle with old friends and discuss the joys of live theatre.The Fantasticks will run August 27-28 and September 3-4 with matinees on Sunday, August 29 and September 5. Tickets will be on sale at the Merienda for the musical as well as three additional plays to be announced. Season tickets are $50, Patrons are $100, a Sustaining Membership is $150, and Benefactors are $200. Tickets may also be purchased at the door. Adult tickets are $15 and student tickets sell for $8.

Olson added that the 2021-2022 season will be dedicated to Bob Scholl, one of the first and most dedicated and beloved members of the theatre.The Carlsbad Community Theatre is excited to once again open its doors, and its curtains, to its enthusiastic Carlsbad audience. The board and its members encourages you to come celebrate with them as they once again bring a season of light and laughter to our community.Terry Burns -The MuteTessa Folks -El GalloReagan Van Soest -LuisaDaniel Miller -MattCasey Gadbury -BellamyPaul Loftis -HuckPaul Cox -HenryDave Kump -MortimerMusical Director -LInda Servold

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