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Still Formidable Ted Whaley

By Michael Bromka

In his mid-teens, bicycle repairman Ted Whaley was a champion boxer in Brooklyn's Police Athletic League.  At eighteen he won his three Golden Gloves fights before retiring.  But three years later by TKO he defeated a long-standing Navy fleet welterweight champ in a "smoker" tournament aboard an aircraft carrier.

A couple years ago on Lea Street in Carlsbad, then 83-year-old Ted intervened when he saw a man abusing a dog.  Before the police arrived, the abuser tried to hit Ted.  Instead, he hit the ground.  The police arrested the abuser, and took the injured dog to Noah's Ark.  Ted could look after himself.

This limerick commemorates Ted's 85th birthday.

Gloveless Still Golden

Seventeen each fist was a bat

home-running his foe to the mat.

He's now five times older

and perhaps Ted's no bolder,

but if ticked he can make you go Splat!

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