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Renter Sighns

Rentner signs withArkansas Baptist CollegeFor Cavegirl senior Brooke Rentner the upcoming spring semester at Carlsbad High will be filled with lots of things to take care of before the end of the 2021-22 school year. Things like playing anotherseason of softball with the Cavegirls, the prom and graduation.However there is one thing she won't have to worry about, choosing a college to attend next year.On Nov. 29 Rentner, who plays left field for the Cavegirls, signed a letter of intent to play softball for Arkansas Baptist College in Little Rock, Arkansas.So how does a high school softball player who lives in the desert southwest wind up getting an offer to play collegiately in Little Rock, Arkansas?"When not in season with the Cavegirls I play on a traveling team. One of my coaches thereknows a lot of college coaches," said Rentner. "She got me the information I needed to inquire about a scholarship at Arkansas Baptist, I e-mailed the coach and things just began to come together for me to attend college there."However Rentner saysgetting an opportunity to play softball there wasn't the only thing that was so attractive to her about attending Arkansas Baptist College."When I visited the college I got to meet with the coach. He was really nice and I felt like playingthere would be a good fit for me," she said. "But I was also attracted to the school. It's a very small collegeand I liked that a lot. So when the coach offered me a scholarship to attend college and play softball thereI accepted it."As a Cavegirl last year Brooke hit a sizzling .444. Former Cavegirl head softball coach John Tigert says he was happy to hear that his left fielder got an opportunity to play collegiately."I knew she was capable of earning a scholarshipto play college softball. My job was getting her to believe it also," said Tigert. "Essentially she's a very hard worker, quiet, and just a verynice kid. I'm really happy for Brooke, she truly deserved the opportunity to play at the next level. Arkansas Baptist will be getting a good athlete, student and great kid from Carlsbad."Rentner currently plans on majoring in Criminal Justiceat Arkansas Baptist College.

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