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Quilter's Special Gift

By Michele Robertson Veteran’s Day is a time to reflect on and honor the sacrifices made by those who volunteered to serve our country. For some, that time happens more than once a year. Kelly Wixom learned how to quilt about four years ago, marking that item off her bucket list. The first quilt she made was created for her husband, a Vietnam veteran. Wixom was stunned when she realized she enjoyed quilting, and she has made quilts for Veterans ever since. Inspired by her granny who made quilts, the art of quilting had always been something she wanted to learn. “I never had the opportunity to learn from her. She had a treadle machine & did most of hers by hand,” said Wixom. She had never sewn before and started by taking a class from a local quilting store, picked up a little here and there, joined the Zia Quilt Guild, and uses YouTube videos to continue to guide her as she learns. “I have found most quilters are eager to share their talents, tips, and tricks. I have made several friends that have quilted for years. I am amazed at the talent, I’m just a newbie. It’s a very caring community of folks,” she said. “I feel the Lord has put this on my heart,” Wixom shared. “I just make quilts and give them to area veterans who have been through war,” she added. It is important to note that she does not take requests to have quilts made. Wixom makes these quilts for the sheer pleasure and joy of saluting our veterans. She shared that sometimes she considers stopping because of how expensive it is to quilt, but when she presents a veteran with their letter and quilt she knows she won’t stop any time soon. Each veteran honored happens by chance, “the person will come to mind or in a conversation with someone. I believe the Lord places them in my path. There are so many deserving veterans,” said Wixom. Along with the quilt, the recipient will receive a letter of appreciation when it is presented to them. Wixom shared that there are other ladies involved in town who also make quilts and present them to area veterans, and each one shares the same feelings of honor when creating and presenting them. “I write them a letter letting them know how much I appreciate them signing a blank check for my life and how grateful I am for their sacrifices,” Wixom said. “Each hero is encouraged to use the quilt, every cut of fabric & every stitch has a prayer in it for that individual. A prayer for peace, comfort, understanding, and that they feel the love and appreciation for them,” she shared. “It is an honor and a privilege to present these people with a token that that person can hold & cover themselves with. The one who lays under a homemade quilt lays under a blanket of love,” added Wixom. “It seems every quilt comes to that person at a time when it is very helpful to them for various reasons,” she said

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