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Outdoor Enthusiast

being outside, promotes creativity, it’s easier to exercise outside because we get to take in nature, decreases some of that mental fatigue we might be feeling when we sit inside with the tv on or on social media, thus a walk in nature could help give us better focus,” shares Tereasa Ornelas, RN, BSN. Always remember to plan ahead and be prepared for any adventure you head out on. This tip is one of the seven Leave No Trace principles. If your destination has a website, check it out for any updates and information, check the weather, and pack your car with essentials. Chason Smith, founder of Campfire Industries, and outdoor recreation enthusiast gives us some ideas on what to bring on an adventure at the Black River. “You’ll want to bring a backpack for your gear, a fishing pole, a kayak or some type of floatation device for chilling on the river, an ice chest with snacks and beverages, a trash bag, sunblock, and a first aid kit,” Smith shared. “Have fun, be safe, and recreate responsibly, pack it in, pack it out,” he adds. If you have a vehicle with good tires and decent clearance,you can venture up a bit further to find a couple more spots to enjoy the river. About 3 miles up the road on the right (heading towards El Paso), there is a dirt road which will take you to a spot called Ladder Hole, and the Ropes. It is up to us to keep our outdoor spaces clean and beautiful, so as you are out and about in Eddy County, if you see large amounts of trash or big items please take the time to report it by calling the Eddy County Code Enforcement Dept at 575-887-9511 ext. 2161 or ext. 2162. Citizens can also file an anonymous trash complaint online at

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