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One More Diner

Restaurant Review: One More...By Steven Payne and Melody HallFamous last words, right? One more. That’s what you will be saying after checking into this fantastic diner of Carlsbad! One more is an unsuspecting diner we had passed by a few times on the way home from town. After speaking with some locals about their favorite foods, we knew that this location would be our next stop in the search for Carlsbad’s finest offerings! As noted in previous articles, we are on assignment from Texas. Working in healthcare by trade and exploring the world through food and drink, looking from the outside in to Carlsbad’s finest!Just off of Church street you will find this quaint Carlsbad diner sporting an array of tasty offerings from hamburgers to steak fingers. One More has got it going on with some homemade favorites. In our discussions with locals, we discerned that One More had some specialties unlike any other. For this visit, we decided to try their steak fingers with fries and Carne Asada tacos as they are highly regarded by all we spoke to. Arriving mid-morning we beatthe lunch rush and did not have to wait in line. The waitstaff was attentive to our needs and happily described some of the most popular dishes as dictated by the community. We had already decided to try the recommendations we were given, but there are some notable dishes in addition to what we came for. The Scorpions are a dish that stands out on this fine menu. Hot, spicy jalapeño peppers are stuffed with shrimp and cream cheese then meticulously wrapped in bacon before breading and deep frying! Talk about flavor explosion ! The bacon cheeseburger is another noteworthy order to explore. Fresh meat patties grilled to perfection with crisp bacon atop fresh vegetables. A classic well-made presentation if we ever saw one.Placing our order, we were politely asked to wait at a nearby table as the food is prepared fresh. Keep this in mind when ordering. Since dishes are made to order, a wait will entail. While the wait is definitely worth the experience you will receive, call ahead to place an order if you’d like to pick up your food on the go. One More will happily take to go orders! Pleasant music played in the background as we took in the nostalgic decor. Waiting patiently, contemplating the day’s activities and our surroundings, waitstaff offered us a beverage. Courteous and cordial are words that come to mind describing our experience. Before we knew it, our order was up, and we were on our way. The steak fingers, well let’s just say that I wasn’t able to wait until we got home to dig in! Hand sliced cuts of beef are battered with a flavorful mix and deep fried to a crisp crunch on the outside with a tender juicy center! Seasoning was just right with the batter and the combination is a natural with the white gravy! The accompanying gravy is nicely peppered and stick to your ribs thick! The French fries are hot with a crisp outer finish, lightly salted to perfection! If the chicken fingers are anything like these, sign me up!!The carne asada tacos arrived just like we favor them! Dressed with plenty of Cilantro and Onions with red and green sauce to accompany! The sauce really completed the tacos as the corn tortillas soaked up the spice! Alongside the tacos we also got some house toreados! These pickled hot peppers pair really well with the carne asada tacos and their hamburgers!Looking for some delicious food that has a good price to boot? Check out One More! You will find yourself asking for just one more each time! Stop by this Carlsbad favorite and put in your order!Continue this fantastic adventurewith us as we explore the expansive selection of Carlsbad’s tasty dining selections. The action won’t stop as we deliver the goods on what’s good in the realm of foodies! For more reviews and delicious food ideas, or if you have a restaurant or food truck, you’d like us to review, check us out on Instagram @stevenSMOKED

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