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olved in the Academy Model to invest in our students. But Fuentes stresses that it benefits business as well. “We want kids that are ready to move into the workforce. And we want to know what employers need from us so that these kids can be successful in stepping out of high school and stepping into the world of work or advanced educational opportunities.""And, of course, with such partnership, we would hope that they’d let us know what they see as strengths and areas of growth for our students so that we can continue to get better at providing students what they need to be a true asset to our community."Carlsbad High School will look a bit different next year, and there will certainly be bumps in the road as they iron out the wrinkles. But this massive undertaking is a huge step forward in a dedicated effort to meet the educational needs of tomorrow's leaders. Mr. Fuentes and the team at CHS will need our support, and probably a bit of patience, to get this ambitious project off the launchpad.The principal of CHS is proud of the new face of education at his school, and is ready to be its head cheerleader. "If there’sone thing I can say about the Academies," he concludes, "it's that I’m hopingit really does bring that connectedness to the student and really helps them understand what it is they’re wanting to choose as a career.”

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