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Who doesn't love a good margarita? We enjoy some good chips/dip with a salty margarita on occasion. Its a simple pleasure that should be indulged in from time to time. When asking who makes the best margarita in Carlsbad, we were pointed in the direction of Lucy's Mexicali! We pulled up to the quaint restaurant and we were met with eager wait staff. Covid -19 restrictions have brought the dining experience to the patio, which is actually quite nice! Here you can expect to enjoy authentic Mexican food favorites in a comfortable inviting atmosphere. While talking to friendly servers, we discovered Lucy's has been serving New Mexico for more than 34 years! Still going strong and producing great food Carlsbad customers are served up with enticing food and drink. Enjoying to cool spring breeze and the crisp temperature, we were seated in the spacious patio. Our immediate go to order was set in place! Chips with salsa and two margaritas on the rocks! Apparently, the supreme margaritas are known well to its customers! An award winning secret recipe is employed to create the magic! The owner was happy to grace us with their presence, explaining their goal of providing homemade Mexican food in a fun, family friendly environment. Further more, the pursue the utmost quality at affordable prices to serve the community in which it resides. A sense of valiancy and pride were exuded as they spoke of humble beginnings and where they are today. Browsing the menu we were provided with an abundance of excellent choices! We saw the usual suspects such as tacos, taquitos, enchiladas, and burritos. The selection and availability of al a carte items was exceptional! We found some unique menu items that are worthy of mention: As ado Plate—A Red Chili and Meat Delight, Green Chili Queso Dip—Melted Monterrey Jack Cheese and Green Chili Salsa, Adams Queso—White Cheese Sauce Served over Steak and Fries As we devoured the spicy salsa and chips, we decided to try the green chili queso! This Queso was absolutely amazing! Spice from green chilis was just right, arriving warm and melty the cheese stuck to the chips and was served in abundance. We highly recommend that you try! The delicious margaritas cooled the fire from the green chili. A shrimp cocktail was ordered as an appetizer as well. The festive presentation and jumbo shrimp were a delightful surprise! For our main course, we decided on a Mexican classic! Carne guisada with rice and beans was on our agenda. Growing up, abuela always used to make some carne guisada tacos on the weekends. It was a family affair, making tortillas while abuela cooked up a storm in the kitchen. Lucy's served up a piping hot serving of carne guisada complete with corn tortillas, Mexican rice and refried beans! We were enamored with the service and quality of the food. Continue this fantastic adventure with us as we explore the expansive selection of Carlsbad's tasty dining selections. The action won’t stop as we deliver the goods on what's good in the realm of foodies! For more reviews and delicious food ideas, or if you have a restaurant or food truck you’d like us to review, check us out on Instagram @stevenSMOKED

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