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Kayaking Adventures

By Michele Robertson This installment of Chasing Shade: Adventures in the desert we are staying right here within the Carlsbad city limits. The Pecos River runs through our lovely city, and the Lake Carlsbad Recreation Area has plenty to offer to those who enjoy water play. If you’ve walked along the river walk, surely you’ve watched jet ski’s zoom around on the water and boats with tow lines and smiling faces bobbing up and down on tubes. Take a drive from Lower Tansil up to the Flume and you’ll see numerous individuals fishing from the shore, you might even catch an angler out on kayak. Kayaking is a popular watercraft to have if you like to get out on the water. You can get a sit-in kayak or a sit-on kayak, they each have their benefits and it depends on what you want to do on the water as to which kind would suit you best. Most anglers choose the sit-on kayak as it allows for storage of poles, fish, and supplies. Many recreational kayakers enjoy the sit-in kayak so that they are able to stay drier than one does in a sit-on. If you’ve never kayaked before, but the lure of the water beckons to you; give it a try and see what you think about it. The best way to try out kayaking is to see if a friend has one you could borrow, that way you’d be able to go out on the water with someone who has experience with it. If not, grab a friend willing to try it and rent one! Port Jefferson has Faulkner Marine set up renting out kayaks (and other fun ways to explore the water) down by the beach. Important information about recreating on the water can be found on the New Mexico Game & Fish website importance to note is that all persons in canoes, kayaks, or rafts must wear personal flotation devices (PFD) at all times. Other items of importance are to use caution with a red flag up, it means there is a person in the water. Clean and dry your vessel to stop the spread of invasive aquatic species, and again the site discusses wearing a PFD at all times as the majority of anglers who drown were not wearing one. The Lake Carlsbad Recreation Area has some specific information you need to know before you hit the water. If you are kayaking somewhere new it is advised to check into arearegulations. Jeff Velleux, acting Battalion Chief with the Carlsbad Fire Department also shared the importance of wearing a PFD. With Lake Carlsbad being a popular location for jet skis and boats of all sizes, it is important to note where open kayaking is and where you need to be on the

water. “South of the swimming area to the walking bridge is open kayaking, as is the Lower Tansil area,” shared Velleux. However, from the beach swimming area, north to the island, kayakers must stay on the right side or the left side due to boats on the water. Never down the middle. Our riverbanks also have personal homes along them so it is important to also be aware of and stay clear of these personal properties. Remember to #recreateresponsibly and follow the principles of Leave No Trace. The city of Carlsbad does a great job keeping roll out trash containers readily available at all our parks. If you venture on up the river around Lake Avalon or Brantley Lake, you’ll find spots all along to set up camp for the day and enjoy the great outdoors

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