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Carlsbad Medical Center InterviewBy Steven Payne A strong reliable healthcare team. How would you define it? How is it built? As we wrap up our contract and stay in Carlsbad, we would like to offer one more observation from the outside looking in...Carlsbad Medical Center and their Radiology department. Throughout our stay in Carlsbad, we’ve had the opportunity to bring the finest in food to you. As a parting message, we would like to offer you the finest in healthcare.Danny Gonzales M.S.R.S., R.T.(R), FASRT Vice President ASRT Board of Directors 2020-2021 heads up the radiology department here at Carlsbad Medical Center. In this candid interview we will discuss his history with the organization as well as the role Carlsbad Medical Center plays for the community.Last November, we wrote about the celebration of Radiologic Technologist week and their crucial role when it comes to diagnosing a variety of diseases. Hospitals and medical facilities in the United States employ over 330,000 registered radiologic technologists. Danny, an RT of 35 years became a part of the ASRT in 1987 and has been a delegate since 1993. As director of the radiology department at Carlsbad Medical Center, his role in integral in the development and progression of care.When asked what three words best describe his team of 18 staff members and many cohorts Danny states “Excellent team work”. Team work, according to Danny is the backbone and pillar of success surrounding his department and the facility itself. With a team where each member is driven and dedicated to the cause, the department excels in every avenue. What makes this team work so well together? “Continuity, communication and a good mix of seasoned/new staff to provide the best care possible to Carlsbad”. Themix of seasoned staff and new staff provides for a strong foundation with innovative ideas according to Danny.The Radiology department of Carlsbad Medical Center is home to local technologists and staff that live here, serve here and have made a life here. Continuing the tradition of continuity, Carlsbad Medical Center stands tall amongst the community which it serves. What makes up the Hospital are great staff and administrators that are there to provide for and work for the community. Carlsbad Medical Center is here for you.Note: Steven Payne is employed through Carlsbad Medical Center.

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