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Honoring Veterans

Class of 66’ Remembering our Veterans By Pat and Don Eskins For a class of graduating seniors, the mid-1960’s represented both the best and worst of times .Graduation that year, as it is with most all graduating classes, was all about the future. However, for the 650 plus Carlsbad High School seniors who were about to move on with their lives that night in May of 1966, none were really sure just what that future would hold. Some would go on to college and some chose to head to trade schools while others found employment right away in Carlsbad during the 60’s best of times. Then there were those who chose to enlist or allow themselves to be drafted into the armed services during the 60’s worst of times, an era that saw our nation deeply embroiled in a controversial war in Vietnam. What legacy each member of the ‘Class of 1966’ would leave behind was yet to be written, but all hoped their legacy would be worthwhile and meaningful. As time goes by...Some fifty plus years later it would be a difficult task to find out what has been written in the legacies of each CHS student who graduated in 1966. Many of them, now in their 70’s, are still writing them. However, that can’t be said for some of those who spent the early years of their lives defending our nation as a member of the armed forces in Vietnam. Some of those young men never made it back home. Their legacies were written much to early. Three of those Class of 1966 legacies, Johnny Cabe’s, Miguel F. Montanez’s and Jack Silliman’s, along with nine others who also graduated from Carlsbad High can be found written on the ‘Carlsbad Vietnam Memorial’ located in the Carlsbad Veterans Memorial Park near Lower Tansil Dam. As members of the armed services they sacrificed their lives by putting themselves in harm’s way in defense of our nation. No legacy, from any graduating class, could be more worthwhile or meaningful. Veterans not forgotten Veterans Day is set aside to commemorate U.S. men and women who have served valiantly in defense of our nation. Let us never forget neither their sacrifices nor their courage. To all men and women who have protected this country from harm, we send a heartfelt thank you.

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