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El Charro

Steven Payne and Melody Hall Looking from the outside in...“There's an assignment in New Mexico.” says the rep from the staffing agency. I think to myself, hmm, New Mexico, the land of enchantment. “Sure, lets give it a shot,” I exclaim with a quick-gut decision. Setting my phone down, I begin to dream of the adventure that lay ahead. Prep for our travels were efficient as we loaded the SUV and set out for new experiences .As we made the drive west from Texas we found ourselves amongst a desolate dessert terrain, passing through small, abandoned towns that seemed to belong to a time long ago. Even though the GPS showed we were fast approaching our destination, I became oddly aware there was no sign of life. What exactly would Carlsbad be like? As we made the final descent, the scenery started to evolve into one more inviting. Entering town, we were delighted to see the small shops, local restaurants, and the town square with an eye-catching courthouse. A far cry from the crowded hustle and bustle we were used to in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. First order of business after securing our housing....Tacos! A quick search of local food offerings brought us to a decision on a local food truck...El Charro. Coincidentally, El Charro is just a block away from our new lodgings! As we approached the sought after venue, we saw a line of happy customers awaiting their food. At first glance of the menu, located on the side of the truck, revealed what we came for, the true test of any Mexican restaurant worth their salt, Carne Asada Tacos! Side orders of rice and beans along with some aqua fresca de sandia and we were set for a wonderful evening. The wait staff and cooks of El Charro are very prompt and did I mention friendly? We took a seat and waited patiently for our tacos. As the sun set, we enjoyed the warm breeze in the air and appreciated the fine fall evening. Our surroundings were serene and the locals smiled and greeted us kindly. From the first hour in Carlsbad, we knew we made the right choice! The tacos from El Charro are simply AMAZING. Hands down, these are some of the best tacos we have ever had! Served up with onions and cilantro, the doubled up corn tortillas stuffed with carne asada explodes with flavor. Squirt on some lime juice from the accompanied lime and dip into your choice of green or red chille sauce and you will thank your lucky stars you tried El Charro.Since that evening, we have frequented El Charro regularly. They are open Monday-Friday from 11am to9pm. Everything we have tasted from there has been exceptional, from their guacamole and brisket quesadillas to their lunch burritos. El Charro will be celebrating a grand opening of a new restaurant coming to Carlsbad in the New Year. Truly satisfied are words that come to mind when I think of coming to Carlsbad for work. If you’ve not experienced El Charro, you’re missing out. Do yourself a favor and stop by, tell ‘em Steven and Melody sent you. About us: Traveling RN and RT, loving life together in work and play! We love great food, music and enjoy trying new wines. Original content creators-@melofmellymonkey and @stevensmoked

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