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Disk Golf Tournament

By Michele Robertson Carlsbad loves its sports, and there is a wide variety to choose from here. Football, soccer, baseball, pickleball, tennis, golf, disc golf...the list goes on and on. Carlsbad also offers the courses and facilities needed to play these sports. Bryce Franklin, Interim President for the Carlsbad River bangers Disc Golf Club shares that he has seen an increase in new players over the past year. “Playing disc golf is a great way to get out of the house and move around. It has a low cost of entry and once you have the discs, playing in town is free,” he said. The club is relatively new, having formed in 2017. While the club’s membership numbers are around 20, there are hopes to increase those numbers in the coming year. “At the local level we just need to get more beginners out. And I include both men and women in that,” Franklin shared. Franklin discussed different options that could occur with beginners playing with beginners, and beginners learning from advanced players. If more people join, more opportunities for diverse levels of competition can occur. “People don’t like getting crushed every week, so the more people that come out the easier it is to separate divisions,” Franklin mentions. The creation of a women’s division is something the club hopes to see happen in the coming year. “I want to be more inclusive and to get more people who play involved in the club,” he adds. Each week club members are able to participate in varying format games, and as the club grows more options will be available. The new membership year starts in January, right now fees are $25 for the year. It is a great family sport, and is fit for all ages and skill levels. You are outside getting fresh air, stress levels can be reduced by being in nature, better sleep, boosted energy and mood, working on strategy and thinking skills, building your self confidence, test and practice patience, and one of the best benefits, you can make new friends. A recent fundraiser benefiting the Community of Hope Center brought in $2,794.97. A random doubles tournament and a raffle full of items from 21 different sponsors is what brought in the funds to donate. Par for this two round tournament was 110. Winners include: 1st Alex B. and Sebastian C. with a total of 93, 2nd Jesse R. and Robert M. with a total of 96, 3rd Jeremy B. and Juan C. with 101. Round 1 was a best shot doubles format, and round 2 was an alternating throw format. Ace pot winner was Trevor F. who donated the winnings back to the club. Look for future tournaments, hopefully in the spring and summer.

The Carlsbad Disc Golf course is situated near the Lower Tansil dam and meanders through the Bataan Recreation Area. As you play the course, you have lovely views of the river. You will see people fishing and kayaking, families picnicking and playing. There is also a dog park nearby, and the Veterans Memorial Park had a UH-1 helicopter installed recently. With 3.5 miles of walking through the course, it makes a great way to get outside and exercise. If you are interested in joining the Carlsbad River bangers Disc Golf Club, email Bryce Franklin at carlsbaddiscgolf@gmail.comLocal disc golf club information can be found on Facebook, the Carlsbad River bangers Disc Golf club and Carlsbad NM Disc Golf are local groups you can join. Your chances of finding someone playing on the course are typically pretty good, and new players are always welcome to join.

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