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Creativity in the CHS Theatre Program

By Miranda Stroble

The senior theater students have been a part of some fantastic productions during their time at Carlsbad High School. The theatre program usually performs 5 or 6 shows each school year, and these students, especially during their junior and senior years, helped with almost every show. The junior and senior level students get to design almost everything that goes into the productions including the lighting, set, props, costumes, makeup, sound, and publicity to advertise the shows. They also performed acting roles in a majority of the productions. These students worked hard to put together some spectacular shows.

During the previous school year when this senior class was in their junior year, they all got to take part in the production of The Addams Family: A New Musical Comedy. This production competed and was chosen as one of the top five finalists for best production in the state in the New Mexico High School Musical Theatre Awards competition. Zachary McAlister and Edward Byers were also given a special honor as they were both in the top ten Best Actor nominees. These honors gave the full cast the opportunity to perform on the stage in Popejoy Hall in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This year’s senior class played a huge part in this production as actors, designers, and technicians. It was their creativity and commitment to excellence that allowed this production from Carlsbad High School to be recognized in this prestigious competition.

The theatrical experiences these students had has empowered them to be more successful in life past high school. “Theatre has given me a lot of confidence,” senior theatre student Aulora Chavez shared. Senior theatre student Nicholas Post had a similar experience saying, “Being in theatre helped me get rid of my stage fright. I can now talk to big groups and not be as scared as I was before I was in my theatre classes.”

The magic of the theatrical experience was hugely impactful for this class of seniors. “My favorite part of theatre was the magic of opening night and how the shows always came together,” said senior theatre student Edward Byers. “I feel like for almost every show there was some problem. There was something going on that we weren’t sure was going to work out or something we were worried about. Then the night of the show it would always go right, and I feel like everyone did a great performance. It has always turned out pretty good, and it is this magic thing that happens. Knowing there is an audience out there and the pressure of that always brought everything together. Afterwards we would go out and celebrate and have fun.”

“Performing was my favorite part of being in theatre,” senior theatre student Autumn Coffing echoed. “I loved being up on stage showing what I could do along with especially amazing people.” Senior theatre student Zachary McAlister also shared similar sentiments saying, “My favorite part of theatre was being part of the productions and going through every step to get to opening night.”

“My favorite thing about theatre is the shows,” stated senior theatre student Felicia Ordaz. “When the curtains open and everyone is bowing it feels for a second like the world is quiet. It feels powerful. I love being able to show someone what I love to do. I feel like there is a moment where it is all worth it: every single cry, all of the stress, all of the extra work. There is an accountability that everyone holds in the process, and it becomes an accomplishment. I wouldn’t feel right not doing theatre. It is a part of me.”

Through the development of their creativity these senior theatre students are prepared to go out into the world and make a difference. They have experienced seeing the world for all of the possibilities it holds, and they have worked and seen the results of turning their larger-than-life ideas into reality. Congratulations to the theatre students of the class of 2020! We are looking forward to the more beautiful world you will be a part of creating.

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