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Church Street Grill

Church Street Grill By Steven Payne and Melody Hall Soon after arriving in wondrous Carlsbad, we geared up to venture out and explore the area. Riding through the desert terrain, feeling the arid wind across our face, excitement and wonder can’t help but slip-in. This is definitely a stark contrast from the fast-paced megaplex of the Dallas-Fort Worth city life from where we are accustomed. There are so many wonderful sites to see: Pecos River, Sitting Bull, Brantley Lake, the list goes on and on!! There’s nothing like working all week in healthcare, helping the community, then revamping and enjoying the local scene of Carlsbad. As we paced ourselves with the crisp fall day, the sun shining bright, slowly warming the air, our need for food made its appearance. Crossing off the next restaurant on our ever growing list, we drove to Church Street Grill. Hamburgers and onion rings sounded very fitting to appease our tastes. We sat in the parking lot and called-in our order. With Covid-19, it was proactive for Church Street Grill to post their phone number on the side of the building. We called ahead to place our order and were greeted with a very courteous and helpful voice. I ordered the Green Chile bacon cheeseburger and Melody opted for the jalapeño bacon cheeseburger! “Whose is better” was the game. Melody thinks she won, I’ll let her believe she’s right. Keeps me out of trouble. Wink. Both of these dynamic duos airs perfectly grilled patties, grilled bacon, gooey melted cheese, and your choice of either green chilies or jalapeños. Just the thought of these juicy burgers makes us ready to order again! We paired these burgers with a large order of onion rings. Again, another must try! Church Street Grill has onion rings to write home about. Crispy, fresh fried onion rings in a tempura-like batter takes the blue-ribbon award. The French fries are served up piping hot! Want a twist for that order of fries? Try them with chili cheese topping! If you want it, Church Street Grill can provide it. Their motto is “We specialize in SPECIAL REQUESTS!”A long line of regular customers filled the drive-thru and we took our place to wait our turn. Lucky for us, this gem of a place exists just a couple of blocks from where we reside. We have called-in our order a few times since that day and haven’t once been disappointed. Church Street Grill also concocts some famously tasty refried bean tacos! Place an order and you will receive three large corn tortillas stuffed with homemade refried beans, topped with Pico de Gallo and a side of hot sauce. These tacos always serve their purpose, keeping our appetites satisfied and bellies full. Church Street Grill specializes in homestyle cooked foods that you can conveniently take out! Made to order and prepared in-house, expect fresh hot food when you pick up your order. You won’t see food sitting under heat lamps here! This is home cooking made fresh! What more could you ask for? If you haven’t tried Church Street Grill, we suggest changing up your evening plans and check out the menu at You’ll find options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between! Burgers, baskets, salads, burritos, hot dogs, you name it, Church Street Grill likely makes it! The variety and quality of offerings is quite the achievement for this local staple of Carlsbad. Call ahead and place your order to-go like we do, or drive-up to be greeted by the friendly wait staff and dine at the provided tables outside. Either way, be prepared to experience some delicious eats! Church Street Grill never fails to offer quick service and delicious food! Don’t forget to let them know who sent you, Steven and Melody! Happy eats! Continue this fantastic adventure with us as we explore the expansive selection of Carlsbad’s tasty dining selections. The action won’t stop as we deliver the goods on what’s good in the realm of foodies! For more reviews and delicious food ideas, or if you have a restaurant or food truck you’d like us to review, check us out on Instagram @stevenSMOKEDAbout us: Traveling RN and RT, loving life together in work and play! We love great food, music and enjoy trying new wines. Original content creators-@melofmellymonkey and @stevensmoked

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