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Buffalo Wild Wings

By Steven Payne and Melody HallIn our quest to bring to you best food locales of Carlsbad, we’realways on the lookout for the next great meal. We pass this local favorite up on the way home from work while on contract at Carlsbad Medical Center. Feeling like flying the coop one day, we opted to stop by Buffalo Wild Wings instead of the usual drive by. Buffalo Wild Wings has a dizzying array of wings, sauces and rubs to exceed your taste buds needs!When you want some chicken wings, Buffalo Wild Wings is the place to be in Carlsbad. After checking out the online menu, we ordered up a 20-piece wing deal. The waiter was courteous enough to inform us about a buy one get one for up to 15 wings! Get 30 for the price of 15! This was a no brainer! We ordered up half buffalo medium sauce and the other half lemon pepper dry rub! Here’s a pointer, order them extra crispy for a crunchy finish on the outside and a tender center.While we awaited our delicious meal, we opted to order up some salt rimmed glasses of their house margaritas and some hatch Chile queso! The queso is a delight when it’s ordered Wild style! Wild style is with added chilli and Pico de Gallo! The crunch and salt of the house chips really set the stage for the queso and Pico de Gallo zip and zest to shine!The house margaritas served up are an exceptional value! Having had some bad luck with margaritas in the past, we have our reservations on what’s makes a good margarita. Buffalo Wild Wings margaritas are a bit in the strong side (just like we like em) with just enough tang, and twist of sweetness! The salt rimmed glass brings out the citrus notes and sweet subtleties of the cocktail.Seating was ample and since a patio window with large windows exists, we were allowed to dine in! Talk about making changes to meet the demands of current times! The atmosphere was exciting with just the rightamount of lighting and the smell of hot wings abound!During these times of quarantine and social distancing, serving up food and doing business in general can be difficult. The staff at Buffalo Wild Wings have dealt appropriately to meet the communitiesneeds by employing efficient courteous service to all of its patrons. Our visit was welcomed and the service was exceptional! After each visitor leaves their table, waitstaff clears and cleans the tables and seats with disinfectants to ensure safety for all visitors.Wings are not the only worthy mention of your next dinner stop! Be sure to check out the hamburgers and sandwiches. Our favorite was the blue cheese Buffalo burger! This double meat burger was stacked high with thick cut bacon, house sauce and blue cheese crumbles! Served up with their house fries this combo is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for more than hot wings.Thank you for continuing to enjoy our journey through the Carlsbad food scene! Be sure to check out our next article as we continue the quest to discover the best foods and diners of Carlsbad.For more reviews and delicious food ideas, or if you have a restaurant or food truck you’d like us to review, check us out on Instagram @stevenSMOKED

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