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Bowling Leagues

Senior Bowlers Open on October 8thBy Don EskinsMembers of the Lois Spencer Senior Bowling League, on hold for the past few weeks, have finally gotten approval to begin bowling and according to senior league member J.W. Sutphin,the league couldn't be happier."We usually begin bowling in early September, but due to New Mexico COVID-19 restrictions, bowling alleys have been closed," said Sutphin. "But the state has recently eased up on their regulations. While they still require bowling alleys to remain closed for public use,they may open up for league play. That'sgreat news for seniors in Carlsbad. We can finally start getting ready for another season of bowling."The league, which competes on Thursday afternoon's from 1:30 to 4:00, is set to open on October 8 and will run through April,providing there are no more closures due to COVID-19.Although excited about the prospects of getting to bowl in 2020,the league must now address a serious problem that has begun to surface. "Because we are a senior league,we have begun to lose some members due to age or other reasons such as health or relocation.Because of the declining numbers we anticipate beginning the season with just eight teams," Sutphin said. "We'd like to have a few more teams in our league so we're hoping we can get another ten to twelve people to come out and bowl with us."Teams are comprised of four bowlers each, men or women. It is a handicapped league so both experienced and beginning bowlers are welcome.Everybody competes on an equal level. Cost to participate is about ten dollars. Shoes and bowling balls, for those who may not have their own, are available at the bowling alley at no extra charge. Minimum age for membership is fifty.Forthose who mayhave COVID-19 concerns,both the league and Cal's Cactus Lanes will be doing their parts in an effort to help provide a safe recreational environment for all who participate. Scoring tables, seating and bowling equipment will be sanitized prior to theirarrival.League members will be encouraged to practice social distancing and other measures intended to help keep people as safe as possible. To help with social distancing the league plans to assign just one team per scorer table instead of the usual two. "Bowling is a great way for seniors to stay active, especially during the winter months, when there's really not a lot going on," said league president Bob Reed. "It gives seniors something to look forward to each week, a reason to get up off the couch and offers a great opportunity for fellowship."The Lois Spencer Senior Bowling League would especially like to encourage seniors who like to bowl, but don't belong to a league, to come out and participate."We really do want to add a few more teams toour league this year," said Reed. "But to be able to do that we need a few more members. It would be great to see some new faces, or even some old ones, out here to bowl with us." For more information interested seniors may contact Bob Reed at 575-887-8649, Chery Todd at 575-887-6812 or J.W. Sutphin at 505-239-0342.___ ___ ___ ___ ___Bowling Trivia Quiz for Carlsbad1. What's the name of the area in which the pins stand?2. Where is the National Bowling Stadium located?3. How many boards are there across a bowling lane?4. How many feet is there from the foul line to the head pin?5. What's unusual about Reed Townley's 476 series?Answers: 1. Pin deck; 2. Reno, Nevada; 3. 39 boards; 4. 60 feet 5. He holds the record forthe lowest series with a 300 game. In 1989 he bowled games of 89-87 and 300. Go figure!

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