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Blue House

Blue House CafeBy Steven Payne and Melody HallNestled in Carlsbad lies an amazing eatery creating some of the most delicious dishes known to the town which it serves. Enter the Blue House Bakery and Cafe!It’snot often that we get to leave work early, on this particular Friday the opportunity found us in a hungry disposition. We had heard about Blue House Bakery from the first day we arrived in Carlsbad. Darian from ERA Real Estate stated that this was a definite yes on places to eat. Leaving the hospital with an appetite, we ventured over to Blue House to check out their offerings!There on Canyon street, amongst a lovely array of greenery, trees and plants surely was a Blue House! The ornate archway invited us in to the vast courtyard with outdoor seating. The serene atmosphere states come on in and stay for a while! In the nearby trees, chirping birds and an abundance of life exists as if you’re in another dimension. It’s a cold winter day, leaves are falling in the gentle breeze adding to the idyllic feeling.To fight off the chill we opted for something warm! A glance at the menu revealed a vast array of beverages hot or cold! Chai latte was settled upon for both of us. The waitstaff was very courteous and helpful as this was our first time to visit. Now that we had chosen our beverage, on to the more difficult task.... trying to figure out what to order from their menu! We wanted to try everything! After much deliberation Melody chose a blueberry muffin and i a green chile burrito!We were asked if we minded waiting as all of their burritos are made fresh to order. Taking a seat and sipping on our latte, a local sparks up a conversation. A reminder of how much we enjoy Carlsbad! Good conversation is always nice with your morning warm beverage! Before we knew it, our order was up and we were set! Sure enough, the burrito was steaming hot and smelled delicious! Taking that first bite, I knew I found the most excellent breakfast burrito known! Yes it’s that good!We stated parting words to our new friends at the bakery and made our way to do some grocery shopping! Blue House Bakery offers a vast array of goodies, but you must be prompt! They are known to run out of local favorites with the quickness! We hearthat their cinnamon rolls are simply amazing! Stop by to warm up from the cold with some hot coffee and good company! Cheers!Continue this fantastic adventure with us as we explore the expansive selection of Carlsbad’s tasty dining selections. The action won’t stop as we deliver the goods on what’s good in the realm of foodies!For more reviews and delicious food ideas, or if you have a restaurant or food truck you’d like us to review, check us out on Instagram @stevenSMOKED

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