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Angees Atelier

December 2021It’s Not Rocket Science!The secret to long-lasting beautiful flowers is not rocket science, but science definitely plays a huge part.From farm to table, proper care and handling techniques are key for the longevity of your fresh arrangement.We start with flowers and greens, fresh from the farm, that have been kept refrigerated during transport.Our flower buckets and tools are sanitized in a special disinfectant that removes harmful bacteria and microorganisms.Upon arrival at our shop, the flowers are carefully processed and placed in a flower food solution to properly hydrate the blooms, allowing them to prime.Periodically, we will test the flowers.We like to study the behavior of the flower when left out of the cooler.This tells us how the flower will look on a customer's desk or kitchen table.Some flowers are ethylene sensitive and shouldn’t be stored or placed near freshfruits.The ethylene gas will cause the flowers to expire sooner.Think about how bananas will ripen and spot faster if stored next to apples.Our flower coolers are regularly sanitized and kept at 34-38 degrees.Temperature is one of the most important factors influencing the vase life of flowers.Storing the flowers at this low temperature slows their metabolism and increases the vase life. Our flower arrangements contain flower food and are also treated with a topical hydration spray to help extendthe beauty.As you can see, there are many steps that we take to provide the freshest and most long-lasting flowers available.The Carlsbad Winter Wine Festival is Dec 18th.We will have a unique assortment of stocking stuffers and gift baskets available at the festival.We are ready for Christmas!Stop in and see our new inventory...we have tiny designer trees decked out with gorgeous decorative ribbons and led lights, fresh evergreen wreaths and mini-trees, and an eclectic variety of gift items and stocking stuffers. We have custom map 88220 wine tumblers, beard essentials, bath baskets, gourmet popcorn and wine-filled chocolates.Our 2022 wall calendars have arrived...come visit us soon for your complimentary copy!

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